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What is The Lost ways Book:

The Losy Ways eBook

The Lost Ways Book is an extraordinary book that reflects the life of our forefathers, how they survived major Wars, Famines, Droughts, Economic Breakdowns, Natural Disasters, Immigration calamities with rock-bottom resources. Thus, this remarkable book teaches us the ways of survival and enables us to live in this unpredictable world. 

How our ancestors lived and survived in the past?

Before the second Industrial Revolution, the world was completely different. No technology like AC, internet, computers, cars, and automated machines existed at that time. People used to live in squalor and unsafe environments. Our ancestors had combated many hardships for their survival that we, millennials of the 21st century, could hardly even think. 

Why is it important to learn our ancestor survival techniques:

No doubt, today, the world is evolved due to men’s inconsistent travails, and as an outcome, we are living entirely safe in our homes. Where these modern technologies are making our lives uncomplicated, the uncertainties of wars and other calamities are also increasing day by day.

Therefore, there is no guarantee of a safe future. These conjectures demand people of the modern age to learn the ways and techniques of survival used by our ancestors. Claud Davis, Author of The Lost Ways Book, felt that arising call for teaching survival ways, and that is how that exceptional book has come in the market to benefit us.

Story of the Author

The Lost Ways Book is not written by some ordinary writer but a writer, who is not merely a writer, but a real survivalist over 30 years experience. This Old Western History Expert has spent most of his life in learning and preserving the true values of his fore-fathers. You might have heard about a site called that is among the top survivalist sites in the world. Claud Davis is also an owner of this site. 

In 1932-33, around 7.5 million innocent Ukrainians, starved to death by the Great Famine also known as Holodomor. The author’s grandparents were also among the people who experienced that famine but lucky enough to survive that famine. They managed to escape from the savagery of the Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin, to the United States. 

Claud Davis has grown-up with his grandparents and learned every strategy of survival from them. The Lost Ways Book is the result of that inherited knowledge. All the facts stated above increase the credibility of the author’s writings and make his books worth-buying. 

What Lost book offers us?

The Lost Ways Book will take you 150 years back when living in North America was a continuous struggle. At that time, people made everything to survive ranges from their clothes to bathing soaps themselves.

The domination of technology has far us apart from nature, but this book will help you come back to who we are. The book is comprised of 319 pages that are filled with treasure-trop of survival skills and were part of our fore-fathers daily routine. 

Significant Teachings of the Book

Although the book has taught us many survival tips and techniques, some of them are given below:

How to make your Weapons:
When you find yourself stuck at the place with nothing but a shirt on your back, you will need to adjust your mind-set from the 21st century to the preceding time. You will have to think like a caveman. You will have to make the protection weapons or tools yourself for your survival from the available natural resources.

The question is, how are you going to make those weapons or tools with nothing in your mind. That is where The Lost Ways Book comes to rescue you. This book qualifies you to make your weapons yourself if you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness.

How to live without electricity:
Imagine a world without electricity. The question that might be popping up in your mind would be how that could happen? The answer is, that could be possible in many ways. A Sever Solar Storm and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) are the two prime reasons that can throw the world into the darkness for a few days, months, years, or maybe forever.

Imagine how would you survive at that time, when you can not live without your gadgets for a few hours. The survival in this time of crises would become very difficult for all of us, but the good thing is that The Lost Ways author is aware of the setbacks that the world is facing today, and he has shown us the directions to survive even in that time. 

How to survive the hardest climates:
The history highlights that in the arctic regions, the most common form of permanent housing was Semi-subterranean winter houses. These houses were built completely or partially below the ground surface to take advantage of the geothermal protections during the hardest of climates.

In The Lost Ways Book, we will learn how our ancestors survived in those hardest climates by developing semi-subterranean houses, and how can we use their techniques for our survival in this modern age.

How to preserve water:
Water is the oldest and only hydration source before the invention of beverages. Water is one of the six nutrients that are essential for our survival. This nutrient alone contributes 60% to the composition of our body. We can not live without water for more than five days.

We all know that today the world is facing water crises, and we can short out of water soon. Therefore, the preservation of water holds great importance. The Lost Ways Book teaches us the ways to preserve water for our survival.

Besides, other things like how to grow survival food on our own, how to navigate without using any GPS, How to remain hygienic to protect ourselves from diseases, how to make snow-boots on your own, how to cook on open flame, and how to make beverages etc are also discussed in this book.

Is there any bonus in purchasing that book?

On order from the official website, the buyers of The Lost ways get two bonuses along with its e-book:

The Losy Ways eBook Bonus

1. What Every Survivalist Should Grow In His Backyard:
This report is a complete guide to what you should grow in your backyard to survive unpleasant conditions like droughts, floods, etc. You can also get access to harvesting, storing, and planting tricks. 

2. Building Your Own Can Rotation System:
This report assists you in building your Can rotating system. It guides you through step-by-step instructions to assemble a can rotating machine that can preserve up to 700 cans for a long time.

The Pros

  • Easy to Read
    The language of the book is straight-forward, and it is easy to understand. The concepts of everything in this book are explained in such an easy way that anyone can comprehend them easily.
  • Offers Natural Cures to Diseases
    If you are tired of treating your diseases by conventional methods of today, this book is made for you because it offers the natural cure to your diseases.
  • Survival Food Recipes
    The recipes in this book are not only the best survival recipes but are delicious too. 
  • Economical
    Luckily, you do not have to cost a fortune to buy this book. It is quite affordable with the two bonuses that you get when you order it online. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee
    Now, you do not need to think much before purchasing this book because it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee. If you do not find it propitious, you can return it.

The Cons

  1. Ordering Online Difficulties:
    In the case of ordering online, some complaints have been reported about the packaging of this book.
  2. Cure of Diseases:
    You will have to research well before treating any disease by natural resources. If you’re allergic to any herb being used in curing your disease, you must avoid it.

Final thoughts

The Lost Ways Book contains all the essentials that could prove beneficial in times of crises, famines, or other future calamities. It offers us the opportunity to keep ourselves and our families self-sufficient and independent, no matter what the future holds for us. As the plus points of this product are more than the minus points, I am going to recommend this exceptional book. 


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