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Crunchless Abs System

Looking for a great fitness program? Is building chiseled washboard abs your ultimate goal? You are reading the right stuff!!

Here I’m giving you the real deal on the popular ab fitness program called The Crunchless Core. It is all about getting perfectly chiseled abs without doing any crunches AT ALL!

The Crunchless Core is a fitness secret that debunks old myths regarding crunches, helps you reset your core, and work at getting 6-pack abs at any age. As the website states, this program gives you the formula to “Breathe better, stand taller, and enjoy better health and more vitality, every waking hour.

NEW RESEARCH from the top professor of spine bio-mechanics at the University of Waterloo PROVES how stopping this one outdated dangerous exercise holds the key to helping you sculpt the deep, chiseled washboard abs you deserve while spending less time working out.

The Product

What struck me first as very surprising is the fact that this program says a big NO to crunches. We all mostly believed that religiously doing crunches will get us a flat stomach, but apparently, it does more harm than good! The site reveals that crunches hurt our spine in the long run and can have long-lasting damaging effects. So, this program says something daringly different!

Let’s get into what the product is all about:

Crunchless Abs System Tall
The Crunchless Core is an eight-week program designed to strengthen your core by working within three motion planes, i.e., in 3D. It is divided into two phases of four weeks each. There are over 70 exercises given in easy-to-follow videos that demonstrate exactly what needs to be done, the correct postures, and for how long. It’s all very simple.

Phase 1 works with functional exercises designed to reset your core by building its strength and stability. This is the relatively easier phase, which is really not tough to follow. It works to correctly position and realigns your core to its base level. Phase 2 gets you to work with advanced exercises that work with deep core muscles to get you those rock-solid washboard abs! Exercise can be addictive. In fact, after the first few days, I was hooked – I was looking forward to my session every day!

When you buy the product, you get access to the digital version that you can use to watch on your phone, tab, or computer; if you want, they also deliver two copies of their DVD (this is included in the price) which you can keep handy. So, internet or no internet, you can always work with this program, so say goodbye to wifi worries!

Who is the Program for?

The Crunchless Core site states that this fitness program is designed for people of all ages and across all genders. It can be done by amateurs as well as professionals. I liked this aspect – the universal appeal of the program. You can just be starting out with exercises, you could’ve had an injury in the past, or you could be a pro-level athlete, the program is designed with all fitness levels in mind.

The Creator

The Crunchless Core program has been designed by Brian Klepacki, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Coach in the US. He is the Fat Loss & Core Training Advisor at and a certified Triathlon Level 1 Coach in the USA and has trained numerous professional athletes. He is equipped with a Masters in Exercise Science with a Concentration of Strength and Conditioning.


The Crunchless Core has a lot going for it and here are some of the positives:

  • The fitness program is designed for people of all ages and exercise levels.
  • It works for both men and women and is aimed at getting perfectly chiseled abs.
  • The program is available online as well as delivered physically in DVDs.
  • This works for you even if you have had an injury in the past.
  • In fact, by following this program, your injury pain can be highly minimized or even go away altogether.
  • The man behind the product, Brian Klepacki is a well certified Coach and has the requisite education to back his teaching.
  • Brian’s program is backed by medical experts who explain the harmful effects crunches can have on the spine.
  • The exercises promise to get you better body posture and a strengthened core.
  • There are no extreme diets to follow. You can eat everything as along as its in moderation of course!
  • Price at a one-time fee of just $17, it is a highly affordable fitness program.


As with any product, this one too has its downside. Some of the negatives here are:

  • You will have to work hard on the exercises and I mean like, sweat-it-out hard! They are no cakewalk; I can tell you that having tried them myself.
  • Some of the exercises shown in the program, especially those in Phase 2, require basic gym equipment. So, you will either need to get the equipment or get access to a gym to complete the program. In this regard, it is not completely a do-it-yourself-at-home program.

My Verdict

The Crunchless Core seems to be a very effective program by a trusted and certified FitnessSpecialist. His reasoning makes sense and is backed by advice from medical experts. At the given price, this program is definitely worth a shot for those dreamy, perfectly toned chiseled abs. Brian also promises a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is really awesome as ultimately, this kind of program works only if you work hard at it! Just a word of caution – be prepared to work hard at those exercises (but then, you already know that the six-pack look cannot be achieved with basic exercising!). Follow the program and say hello to a hot-shot body soon!!


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