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If you look at the mirror and ask, “Am I fit and healthy?” the answer many of us would get is a big NO. Despite our workouts, diet regimens, and other measures to keep ourselves fit and active, many of us find ourselves fat, sickly looking, and lacking energy levels. At such realization moments, people also tend to go into a withdrawal mode. We may lose our confidence and go into a shell of despair and disappointment. We may not be interested in venturing out or meet people. I was also one such person for a long time, despite all the motivational talk and care from my family, so I really know how it all feels!

You need to make sure that you follow a regular scientific diet plan to be fit and fabulous! Let us take an in-depth look at The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet book by Emma Deangela and see what it can do!

What is The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet Book

Acid Alkaline Diet eBook Review
This eBook written by Emma Deangela talks about the importance of an effective diet to get a well-toned, healthy body. It points out how a blood pH level of 7.35 to 7.45 helps us reduce weight and gain back a healthy body. The diet system points out how diseases can be warded off by eliminating the very root cause. The three basic nutritional suggestions teach us what food we should eat, the right meal timings, and how to eat it right. You are also taught to prepare your personalized meals.

The eBook does not recommend only fruits and vegetables as your diet but advises how to eat each type of food to bring out high energy levels. You will be taught to work with acid-alkaline balanced foods. The ultimate result is your strong and healthy body with all unwanted fats gone. You feel more energetic, and your immune system gets a significant boost. Whatever digestive issues you had had before you started this diet will mostly disappear.

The eBook addresses some crucial factors and gives some new insights into why some diets work while others don’t. What you eat, what form you eat it, what time you eat, and the combination of foods you eat in one meal are all addressed here. I actually learned some fascinating facts on reading this besides the regular diet stuff. It also teaches you techniques and tips on controlling the acid and base in your body to get better results.

What we put in our mouth: The initial chapter of the ebook discusses in detail about the things we are supposed to eat in order to get maximum benefits from it.

Understanding the acid alkaline balance: This is the crux of the whole book. The concept is well explained. You are taught how to balance your body’s acid and alkaline levels and the products that contain the same. You will understand if your food and medication can affect your pH level. Also, you will learn about habits that sometimes make your body acidic.

pH level: The book gives essential details on your body’s pH levels and how it impacts your healthy living. You will learn to test your body’s pH levels all by yourself and how to assess the results. Various possibilities are analyzed, and their implications are narrated in detail. I found this to be a comprehensive and clear explanation.

Nutritional principles: The three nutritional principles the product offers to guide you to get maximum health benefits.

Alkaline secrets: The eBook tells you about alkaline secrets, which, when implemented fully, bring the much-needed change in your body.

Food analysis: The eBook describes in detail which foods are alkaline in nature and which ones are acidic. Once you understand the details, it will be easy for you to carefully plan your diet based on the pH value of the ingredients.

There are a few bonuses included when you buy the product.

Acid Alkaline Diet eBook Review
  • A PDF form of recipes which are easy to prepare and help you to get a better pH level.
  • A shopping guide to help you with the products needed to prepare the food recipes as in the book. You will get an idea of things you need to get from store.
  • Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes guide
  • A success Journal in the form of a printable sheet. I found this to be an excellent concept. If you print it out and keep filling it in as you go along, it’s very motivational!


  • The eBook can be downloaded easily on your computer and can be printed, which makes it easier for people who do not have regular internet access.
  • Cost effective. The foods talked about in the book are not expensive and are readily available. This plan is convenient for those who cannot afford other diet plans.
  • Ideal for vegetarians and vegans as it talks about raw fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Mostly wheat-free diet
  • Allergy triggering food such as fish, nuts, and eggs are mostly avoided.
  • Free of any processed foods
  • Many medical advantages with this diet, besides losing weight.
  • No monetary risk as a 60-day money return guarantee is available.
  • Product presentation is highly readable and aesthetic.
  • Quick responses to customer queries


  • This type of diet may not advocate certain foods that may be essential for people to get specific nutrients.
  • This cannot overlook doctors’ suggestions.
  • Plenty of technical terms are used, which often makes it look like a scientific paper.
  • Many argue that alkaline acid balance for good health, weight loss, and preventing disease is not yet scientifically confirmed. Not much evidence to prove the effectiveness is listed in the book.
  • Many people may not be able to tolerate alkaline diets as they are quite restrictive.
  • The results may not be as effective for everyone.

Final verdict

The Acid Alkaline Balance diet is for those who want to shed weight and get healthy with the help of an effective and straightforward method. The book highlights common nutrition errors that we often make and how to avoid them. The list of recipes given to maintain the correct pH levels are both tasty and healthy.

Emma Deangela gives you a natural and effective approach without using anything harmful. The food chart helps you with following the diet plan. Both men and women can use the program. With the money-back guarantee and no shipping or handling charges included, your money is safe. A simple answer to your health issues, this product is worth the try!

Acid Alkaline Diet eBook Review

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