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Tao of rich

What is success? Food, shelter, a comfortable life – these could be some of the answers. Do you feel panicky about the future and how to achieve your goals? But the solution to realizing your wants is motivation. To make our lives and our family’s life better, the willpower to achieve is something absolutely essential, and a lack of self-belief can lead to a breakdown of your self-confidence and family life too. You need to keep yourself focused on the desired goals and find means to achieve them.

So, we understand that achieving desired goals is success.

To achieve this, we must have self-confidence and a clear mind. It is the mindset that has a vital role in changing your life. You need to completely shut off negative thoughts and beliefs. If there is something to motivate us all day, don’t you think it would be wonderful? ‘Tao of Rich’ from Charlie Gates is one such program that guides you through to wonderfully achieve your goals.

What is Tao Rich

Tao of richCharlie Gates, the author of this program, had almost given up on life when he suddenly realized that he could achieve what he wanted to keep himself and his family happy – yes, It was POSSIBLE. ‘Tao of Rich’ by him is a set of audios to keep the mind calm and fresh. It generates positive thoughts and keeps you motivated. There are audio tracks in the program that contain neurological frequencies to heal and bring in positive vibrations in your mind and help focus on goals and success.

The powerful neurological densities draw on your powers to make you realize what you are capable of achieving. You will start believing in yourself, get positivity, and have a calm mind. The program does not need any meditation or listening to unwanted sermons. The audio can be listened to in the morning within 45 minutes of waking up. The powerful frequencies of the program awaken your energies and guides you to race for achieving your goals. It helps you start earning wealth you only dreamt of.

How it Works

The program works based on the connection between the mind and heart and makes them communicate easily with each other, showing you the way to achieve anything imaginable. The audio frequencies sit deep within your mind and heart and help you visualize the path you have always wanted to tread.

You can start the program using a headphone every morning. It makes you enter the mystical state of the heart known as ‘pulling’. You will start feeling a desirable tingling sensation all over.

The track known as HeartSync is used in this program and you need to use it daily to achieve what you want. It helps you achieve positivity, deep sleep, and also has many more benefits.

The program comes with a few bonuses as well:

  • Delete it – It will change your entire thinking pattern, remove negative thoughts, doubts, failures, and fears.
  • Millionaire Myths – 11 myths about millionaires are included. It talks about how government and banks make use of your money and leave you to lurch in poverty. There are methods you can follow to become rich.
  • Tao of Rich Road Map – A book that has activities and visuals to guide you through to understand the HeartSync technique. You will achieve what you need in life quickly by visualizing your dreams.
  • Tao of Rich Membership App – This app with videos, reports, and visuals helps you to achieve the goals. You will be taught to make life better.

The technology used in this program gives a strong boost to your energies and manifests your dreams. TAO means removing negativity. The powerful sound in this program stops all negativity from your mind. The 9 minutes program can be accessed from anywhere. The audio goes deep into your mind and throws all the negativity out. You will start feeling peaceful and light all through the day. You need to listen to it within 45 minutes of your waking up.

The process revolves around neuro-scientific frequencies disclosing the secrets to help all your dreams come true. The frequencies are said to awaken your external and internal powers to enter into the mystical field of ‘pulling’. This helps you to achieve what you want in life. You are taught on both spiritual and physical levels. Your mind and body are trained to reach your potential and transform you into a different personality. Alignment of mind and body is achieved by this program.

The program comes with a guide with a complete explanation on how to use the audio tracks, what they achieve on you, what would be your feeling when listening to them, and how you will achieve the maximum benefits from the tracks. You will learn to delete all the unwanted thoughts and feelings from your mind.

The program has the power to change all the past failures into opportunities for you to achieve your goals and get positive energy all through the day. You will notice that your sleeping pattern changes completely. You will start caring less about negative thoughts and news. The program just pulls you from drowning into despair, gives you hopes, and guides you to achieve your dreams.


  • Helps build strong relationships
  • You get to know the purpose of your life
  • It inculcates self-love and confidence
  • Transformation of monetary situation
  • You gain peace of mind
  • You get immediate access once paid
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Not a time-consuming program
  • Can be listened to at any time
  • Risk free program


When it comes to a program like this, talking about its disadvantages is difficult. It works for some and not for others. Depending on how seriously you take it, you can expect success. It is all about the right belief.

Final Verdict

Tao of Rich has been used by many people who have not given any adverse remarks about the program but have hailed how it transformed their outlook. It is meant for those who are keen on improving their life financially and emotionally. For a stress-free life without any negativity, you can work with this.

It is like a magical rope that fixes the goal in your mind to achieve it without much effort. If you are not satisfied with the program, you can claim a refund of your money. If you are keen on turning your life around successfully and need direction, you can give this program a try. It claims to have transformed the lives of thousands of people. You may just be one among them. However, as I said earlier, bear in mind that there is no 100% guarantee formula. Based on actual user reviews, I would give a 4.5 star to this program.

Tao of rich

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