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Super Affiliate System Review

Gone are the days when one person depended solely on a single profession for his livelihood. It’s the era of multi-tasking and multi-working so having a second source of income is quite commonplace. Even as a person holding a full-time job, I was always keen to do something else independently. The Internet provides so many exciting opportunities that give great returns on your investment and time – you just need to know where to look!

During my search for viable options to work online, I came across the concept of affiliate marketing. The idea is straightforward. It is basically an agreement wherein you become an online sales agent for online retailers. You are called an affiliate. You start earning money when a sale is generated for that retailer or by getting a lead arrangement. To work with this, you need a sound affiliate system.

I came across Super Affiliate System created by John Crestani, who has turned into a successful marketing affiliate. After undergoing his training program, a new world will open up. You will learn myriad ways of generating more income by becoming an affiliate with retailers. Here is an in-depth look at the product and what it can do for you.

What is Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is a carefully designed training course that guides you on becoming an affiliate and using free platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube to generate an income stream for yourself.

Super Affiliate System Review

It is a 12-week course that teaches you all the basic as well as advanced techniques of how to promote your business through these sites. You will find reasonable affiliate offers, create your own presell page, the tools required, and the requisite training to start the advertising campaigns. You will also be taught how to master the campaigns in a noticeably short time.

How Super Affiliate System Works

The course is of 12-week duration and reduces the time you spend to achieve your income target through affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate System Review

In the first couple of weeks, John shows you the basics of affiliate marketing as well as paid advertising with clear instructions. He then moves on to talk about the software and tools you need to learn to turn people your way to purchase the product you advertise for.

Following the initial training, you will learn about setting up a domain, click tracking, and hosting, which is a vital part of the affiliate’s setup. John also teaches you how to create impressive advertorials for the ad campaigns and how to recognize and correct the customer’s problems.

During weeks 5 and 6 of the training, you will learn about advanced research tactics that can be applied for marketing products and how to find out landing pages and presell, both of which are important aspects of an efficient affiliate marketing plan. You will learn how to remove fraudulent placements and widgets. It also teaches you how to optimize ads correctly.

The ebook is a tell-all! It clearly shows you where and why affiliate marketers fail. You can prevent them by avoiding the mistakes they made and increase your success rate. It is about making effective use of others’ success to add to your own by collaborating with JVs. You can be a successful affiliate very quickly with the help of affiliate accountability teams.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The last quarter of training is all about creating Google Adwords, targeting, copywriting, and remarketing the ads. You will get examples of many niches. You will learn about structuring FaceBook campaigns to achieve the highest rate of success. Several people have tried it and found it very helpful.

John explains about native advertising – this is a mostly untapped market yet not known as a potential source of advertising. The program shows you how to make use of it to your benefit. The final module of training talks about increasing your targeted campaigns to grow from relatively low amounts to daily high-profit ones.


Apart from a highly informative and compelling training module, there are a few bonuses along with the buy.

  • Custom Audience Buyers List
  • Ten recorded coaching sessions.
  • Blacklists of major ad nets
  • Whitelists for many ad nets
  • A swipe file of ads


  • The cost is reasonable when compared to many other courses.
  • The quantity of training and information is satisfying.
  • If you feel you will benefit from the program, you can always upgrade it to a monthly membership.
  • You will learn everything you need to understand about being an affiliate.
  • In-depth knowledge of how to run paid ads which fetch you more money quickly
  • Great support which includes live webinars to solve any problems and clear any doubts that you may have.
  • You will learn to automate everything to earn money.
  • You can claim a full refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days.


  • Many feel that the system is quite costly if you are only a beginner and thus may not be an affordable option.
  • You may have to pay for paid advertising also even after buying the training.
  • Some feel that a few modules are quite obsolete.
  • The course does not seem to focus on SEO.

Final verdict

Super Affiliate System has been developed for those who are new to affiliate marketing. The course is easy to follow and is quite affordable. You can quickly learn many intricate nuances of affiliate marketing, such as detecting fraudulent ads, how to set up your ad page, and how to aim for big sites. Initially, you may find it a bit difficult to start earning, but you can always get guidance and clear your doubts with the help of live webinars.

You can master the art of online marketing pretty quickly and hopefully achieve your target income within a short period of time if you follow the instructions. You will know how to select the correct ad networks. John’s distinct teaching style is sure to impress you. You will be surprised at your learning levels and earning potential, just like I was! If you are seriously considering affiliate marketing and promoting products online to make money, I would definitely suggest you try this program.

Super Affiliate System Review
Super Affiliate System Review


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