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Feel like you are living in a very safe haven and have absolutely nothing to worry about? Do you think you needn’t prepare for any eventualities and do not need a self-defense and survival program? THINK AGAIN! It is high time you realised that you’ve become complacent, and any unforeseen breakdown may befall at an unexpected time. How will you protect yourself then if you are not aware of any tactics? Quite a scary thought, isn’t it? Yes, though we do not want any such unfortunate situations to come up, it is better to be prepared, than be caught completely off guard.

In many war-torn and trouble-ridden countries, people learn these self-defense skills and have a solution in place to protect themselves. If you always want to protect yourself and your family, then the Bulletproof Home defense program is a possible solution to your prayers. Created by Steve Walker, a US army veteran, the program brings to you innovative techniques to protect your family and home against all odds.

What is Bulletproof Home Defence Program

The program is a complete defense strategy guide that helps you to know what is required for rock-solid protection. It is a complete program in itself. Put clearly and concisely, you will learn what to do to be successful in your efforts. The author gives you an explanation of why a particular measure is needed and the meaning it bears in the process of defense. The ultimate aim of the book is to keep you well prepared to face any unpleasant situation.

What You Get

You will be getting an ebook that explains in detail what you should do in case of a medical emergency and with no doctors available in the vicinity. And if you are above 60 years of age, there is a separate defense guide. You will be taught how to prevent any break-ins or any other such disasters.

The program teaches you what to do in case you are attacked by an unruly mob and if you do not have any sort of ammunition to keep them at bay. You will learn to gauge the situation with improved vision and hearing abilities so that you are not totally unprepared for any such sudden attacks.

It is not just you who should learn self-defense tactics. Everyone in the family should be aware of such techniques and learn how to manage a calamity without disrupting your normal life. You will learn to control any such person’s thinking by using technology and to keep him away from attacking your family and possessions.

The author comes up with a totally different view on having a safe room. He argues that these safe rooms often help you immensely in case of disasters in real life. The operational security is maintained, and even kids are taught to maintain the same.

The book talks about strategies and notions. Even a lethal weapon cannot help you at times. You must learn training, discipline, coordination, and training equipment. You may not be able to completely overpower them but you will definitely be able to slow down the attack. You will learn to create time to react and prepare for a defense.

The three chapters that the book has focused on are the very essential layers of defense. The first one talks about how to use traps to extend the time the attackers take to reach you. The second chapter teaches you about strengthening your entry points i.e., gates, windows, doors, and walls. The third chapter warns you to be always alert and be ready for the attack and have a hiding area and route to escape.

As a means of self-defense, you should stock up basic weapons and if possible, rifles. You should never let yourself be gripped with fear when attacked. Your mental abilities need to be steady and alert. You need to create many layers to protect yourself. Traps and other obstacles will delay their attack. The second layer of protection will be strengthening your home. The third one will be to create a space where you can hide and also have an escape route. You should also know how to use defense equipment like guns, water strain, or scorching liquid and at what time to use them.

The program teaches you how to tune into happenings around you and get into a good teamwork mode to ensure everybody’s safety. It is also important to understand that the children at home should be taught to remain calm during the whole ordeal.

Program Bonuses

There are a few bonuses also that you will get:

  • Crashproof: How to survive an economic collapse – This offers valid tips on surviving an economic collapse. The experiences of many people who have undergone such crises are narrated.
  • Doctor in a Box – You will know what you need to have stock of at home to survive any health issues during a crisis and with no medical assistance available around.
  • Boomers Guide to Prepping – This report teaches you how age can come to your rescue in the event of any problem.
  • Unlimited Power – 5 cheap or free energy sources during a crisis. The report talks about how you need to have alternate sources of power in case there is a power outage during a crisis. After all, you need to keep yourself and your family comfortable at all times.


  • Knowledge gathered from affected persons, so very effective and on-the-ground narratives
  • Simple language used
  • Practical solutions that can be implemented by anyone
  • Affordable investment
  • As many as 3 purchase options
  • 100% money-back guarantee in 60 days
  • Very authentic program
  • User-friendly


  • Not enough detailed instructions on how to face a physical crisis
  • Not enough video material to substantiate. Visual demos would’ve been helpful.

Final Verdict

It is a good guide that has value for the amount you will be paying to get. The information and the instructions are given in simple language and so quite easy to follow. If you are not willing to take up a comprehensive course with multiple videos and other instructions, but are keen on something straightforward, then Bulletproof Home Defence program is ideal for you.

Every program has a few defects and may not be completely practically possible. But still, Bulletproof Home Defence course is a risk-free option if you are keen on protecting yourself and your family. Ultimately, your prime aim in life is to safeguard your loved ones. So, my suggestion will be to go ahead and purchase the program. You will not regret it since you can have your money back if you are not satisfied. I would rate this with 4 stars – even though it has a few flaws, as it is a practical and implementable program.

Bullet Prooof Home Secrets

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