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Longing to go back to your fit and lean days? Want to party, wine, and dine without having to gain those ugly pounds? It has to be noted that weight loss is never an easy task. It requires a lot of self-motivation and grit to stay away from binge eating. Weight loss should be as simple as “eat less, exercise more“. We all know by now it’s just not that straightforward! Although I’m sure each of you wishes that it was! So, punishing workouts and highly restrictive diets may not be the answer at all. What do you do if you are stuck in a weight-loss trap?

It is indeed the need of the hour to find a solution that is easy to follow and yields quick results. An ideal solution is a support system to make the weight loss process easy and less frustrating – that’s what we all need. In this quest, here I review the Alive weight loss supplement which claims to significantly speed up and improve the weight loss process and also helps you stay motivated at all times till your goal is achieved.

What is Alive

Alive is a metabolic booster and works to burn the calories from your body each day. It keeps the energy levels up, the body active and energetic, and there is no weakness felt which is usually the case with other weight loss supplements.

Alive is a dietary formula created with an interesting blend of ingredients such as guarana, fenugreek, green tea extract, capsaicin, and others that help in weight loss. The effects of these ingredients stay all through the day, and so there is no impact on energy or mood.

Alive is a vegan and herbal supplement.

How it Works

Theacrine, a major component of Alive, helps in weight reduction and is used in many other medicines for a long time. It helps in maintaining body weight, thereby ensuring improved fitness. Green tea extract is a powerful ingredient of Alive. Green tea is a known powerful antioxidant and promotes blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, and controls cholesterol. Guarana is yet another component that helps in suppressing the genes producing fat cells. African mango helps in controlling fat absorption and utilization as it improves the insulin response and lipid profile. It contains essential minerals such as vitamins, iron, calcium, and fatty acids. TeaCrine is yet another ingredient from plant sources. It helps in increasing your stamina and strength even when you are losing weight.

The recommended dosage is two capsules a day. You have to take the capsules every day for the best results. You can take it during breakfast and get the best from your resultant high energy levels in the mornings. You will not have any side reactions as has been proven in most cases. You can always follow your diet and exercise regime.

Alive helps in:

  • Supporting your weight loss program
  • Improving dopamine production and its levels
  • Reduces hunger and prevents binge eating
  • Reducing weight easily
  • Working as a complete health booster and
  • Improves mental health

All you need is 5 seconds needed in the morning – just enough time to pop the pills. There’s no impact on the daily routine and your work schedule

Alive contains ingredients that are metabolic boosters naturally. Toxins, waste materials, and inflammation are removed from your body. Dopamine is the cause of all your mood swings, and Alive pills control the levels of dopamine and serotonin. This helps in you feeling ZERO fatigue and stress. The product helps in burning glucose and generates energy in you.

The capsules are made of ingredients that are 100% pure and remove the excess fat accumulated in various parts of your body by penetrating deep into the bloodstream to convert the fat cells into energy. They are prepared under the supervision of highly experienced researchers who ensure that you do not become addicted to the same. The sudden food cravings will be reduced for you. Many of your health issues will also be sorted out.


  • Improves metabolic activity
  • Relieves digestion problems
  • Helps in reducing the weight and converting fat cells into energy
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Regulates blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels
  • Supplying essential minerals and nutrients
  • Improves brain activity and production of dopamine hormones
  • Reduces the craving for junk food containing fat
  • Capsules available in different quantities
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days if no effect found


The custom keto diet plan has its downside. Here is what I felt is challenging about the program:

  • Can be purchased from their official website only
  • Pregnant women or people with other medical conditions should not use
  • Doctor’s consultation needed before starting the product
  • Not suitable for those below 18 years of age
  • Though made of natural ingredients, drug interactions and negative reactions are possible

My verdict

When you start searching the internet for weight reduction regimes, you will come across countless supplements and programs that claim success. Of course, you need to always keep in mind that most of them come with side effects and some adverse impact on health. However, Alive seems different. There are no reported side effects or impact on your general health. In fact, you will feel more energized and active throughout the day. Once you start taking Alive capsules regularly, you will start noticing the effect within a short time. Even though many of you may be aware of the fact that plant extracts do help in weight reduction, you may not know which plants help you best. You should find out which ones are safe if used every day. Alive makes your search easy as it contains extracts of natural ingredients you can take without any hesitation or hassle.

The natural ingredients of Alive help in your weight reduction easily and without any issues as they are pure and effective on your system. They go deep into your body to convert the fat cells into energy.

Prepared under the supervision of researchers, the product contains no toxins or any harmful substances and is not addictive too. Alive works on your body to improve your immunity and increase your energy levels. It has no reported long-term or short-term side effects and can be used for as long as you want.

In the weight loss space, Alive seems to be an effective solution. I rate it 5 stars and definitely worth a shot!


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